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The mission of ROF(Resonant Fire)is to accelerate the process of dental digitization.

Founded in 2021, ROF is composed of a group of engineers who hope to prove to dentists around the world that digitization can not only completely change the current situation of Dentistry, but also enter every corner of the world. Now, ROF produces desktop scanners, intraoral scanners and zirconia milling machines. It will also produce wireless intraoral scanners, chair side milling machines, etc. ROF believes that the future of dentistry is faster, more convenient and cheaper digital dentistry.

ROF is produced in its factories in Hangzhou and Guangzhou. In order to achieve our goal of having the best quality products in the world, ROF has taken proactive measures to require production employees to participate in a multi-day training program before entering the factory. Since then, ROF has continued to provide on-the-job training and track performance on a daily basis for rapid improvement. As a result, the quality of fire products is constantly improving, and the output is also increasing.

In order to create a dental ecological digital system, spark will also create a complete set of dental solutions, including intraoral scanners, chair side milling machines and three-dimensional printers, so that technicians, dentists and dental practitioners can quickly feel the charm of dental digitization.

This is just the beginning. With the production of the most cost-effective three-dimensional scanner so far, ROF continues to enable more and more dental practitioners to obtain and afford products, and finally accelerate the affordability of dental and oral care services for all humans. 3D scanning technology, 3D additive technology and 3D milling technology have existed independently, but when they are combined, they will become more powerful – this is the future we want.



For 3D scanners, the ultrafast global cameras can provide higher sampling speed and higher accuracy. For 3D milling machine, higher ROP means higher production efficiency. ROF has not been relaxed on the road to purchase high speed




The new algorithm architecture can provide better 3D data, not only for scanners, but also for milling machines. Better accuracy means less work and higher cost performance.

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