advanced Lab SCANNER


ecnomical, elegant, efficiency


Super High resolutions

2 x 5MP super high resolution cameras provide super high details and margin lines.

ULTRA-High Accuracy


7 micron accuracy by ISO 12836


Open System

Enjoy the freedom of our open system which allows you to import and export files in STL format so you can design on virtually any software.


The texture scanning funciton allows technicians to understand the doctor’s intentions and design better product.


Speed Up Your Workflow Workflow

The QScan desktop scanner is equipped with a fast scan engine and highly efficient software algorithm which work in tandem to produce a full-arch scan in just 20 seconds. The advanced, uncutted scanning strategy is designed for optimal performance for your laboratory, speeding up your workflow and increasing productivity.

High Accuary

CAD/CAM dental work requires the highest accuracy to produce well-designed bridges, implants, and bars. QScan Serials ensures the highest-quality scans with high accuracy, adhering to strict international standards, including ISO 12836, ANSI/ADA standard No. 132 and VDI 2634.

Texture Scanning

Capturing texture scans, including marked margins or handwritten notes, helps technicians to design products such as PartialS and Orthodox more quickly and conveniently.